Ty West Langford

Ty Langford has been a creative and practised member of many digital teams. He has experience in the industry, working alongside respected international filmmakers and large companies. Langford’s top skills are in the fields of directing, scriptwriting, and creating project ideas. These skills are paired with his drive for successes, constantly learning and adapting to the new technology or demand for the best results. He is a hard and fast learner and an extremely motivated individual who pays attention to detail. Langford always makes sure his work is complete and accurate. He is an ambitious person and desires to be among the best in his field and wants the ideal outcome of any situation. Given the opportunity, he will prove himself to you. ​

As a young child, Langford would steal his father's old camcorder to make little home videos with his friends and family. While getting older, Langford had a very large interest in photography, deciding to study it at a college while in high school, and at 15 he started a small business. His favourite style of photography being nature photography. Langford graduated university with a Batchellor on Media Arts and majored in English and creative writing. Writing short stories for hobbies and fun is a great way Ty likes to relax, but hasn't indulged in a while. To go through a little journey through time, see the links below to see his old photography and writing sites.


Mon - Fri: 10:30am - 4pm


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